Crowd at Harpa by Hörður Sveinsson The Reykjavík Art Museum by Páll Hilmarsson Harpalicious photo4 Júlía of Oyama, by nickydigital.com Samaris at Harpa / Iceland Airwaves

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Nick Digital with artist Ragnheiður Harpa and singer Rakel Mjöll.

Nicky Digital Captures The Chaos of Iceland Airwaves

Nicholas Rhodes, aka Nicky Digital, is a party photographer, it-boy and moustache role-model based in New York City. You may have seen him industriously snapping the best gigs and parties at Airwaves last October. We caught up ...
Crowd at Harpa by Hörður Sveinsson

The Absolutely, Unquestionably, Very Best Of Airwaves 2013!

We did it again (oops). We did it again. It was a tough one, what with the one hundred thousand bands each playing three shows per night for fifteen consecutive nights at eight thousand venues spread throughout the gargantuan R...

Sykur by Galina Alexander

Sykur: Being Insane Is A Good Thing!

The lead singer of Sykur, Agnes Björt Andradóttir, is clearly mental. But in a good way.

The Reykjavík Art Museum by Páll Hilmarsson

A Note On Replication And Adaptation

Apparently there has been some controversy — and some misunderstanding — regarding my recent comment about certain Icelandic bands and the music of the African diaspora. I do choose my words carefully, but some people didn&...

Reykjavík Grapevine’s Podcast: Airwaves Monday Edition

Poof! Five days packed with music, party and Grapevine Airwaves Podcast is now over. What a blast! As we say goodbye to Iceland Airwaves 2013, there is still room for one more thoughtful, hopefully entertaining podcast from You...


Confusing, Lovely, Twerking, Pre-Flight Entertainment

I will hand it to the six Icelandic guys in wifebeaters known as UMTBS for performing on a very high energy level to a room of full of tired and hungover people, and enjoying doing it. They shredded, they shrieked, they press...
Sykur by Galina Alexander

Bleeding Money And In Sugar Filled Young Dreams

Kiriyama Family Technically proficient throughout, this young band underpin everything they do with interesting rhythms, the female voice added much needed soul when used. On this showing it seems like the band members were too...